Atomic and molecular electronics research group


The atomic and molecular electronics group investigates transport phenomena in nanoscale devices down to the single atomic level. These devices are not only smaller in size, but operate on different concepts compared to traditional electronic devices. These involve molecular electronics and memristive devices. For the former chemical design on the atomic level can be used to contruct devices with certain functionalities, whereas the latter holds promise for mimicing neuron networks via the foirmation of memristive networks. The devices are engineered either by cutting-edge lithographic processes or by using the self-assembly of materials, since molecular or few atomic junctions go well below lithographic capabilites. The devices are studied by transport measurements from room temperatures down to low temperatures. The characterization of these devices are quite challanging since due to their small size direct imaging of them is not possible, therefore the group has developed several characterization methods both at room temperature and low temperaturs, which helps to reveal their working principle.