Our work together with the EHTZ group on the pressure tuning of the bands of twisted double bilayer graphene appeared in Nano Letters.

Our work showing the increase of spin orbit coupling in Gr/WSe2 heterostructures has appeared in NPJ 2D materials.

Our measurements showing the hybridization of Andreev Bound states appeared in Nano Letters.

Together with the Groningen group we managed to use liquid gating to tune the  symmetry-breaking-induced nonreciprocity.

Our manuscript showing a versatile setup for the pressure tuning of van der Waals heterostructures has been published.

The group led by grant winner Péter Makk, will research the electronic properties of synthetic, atomically thin nanostructures.

Together, with the nanoelectronics group of Basel the scalar potential in graphene generated by straining has been revealed for the first time.

Our new FET-Open project SUPER-GATE has started and our first results have been achieved.