Research in topological superconducting circuits is further supported by a Momentum Grant awarded to Szabolcs Csonka.

Our manuscript on Cooper pair splitting and non-local Shiba spectroscopy has been published in Phys. Rev. Research.

Leaders of the semiconductor-superconductor field have assembled for the closing event of the SuperTop QuantERA network.

A short introductory video feauturing our lab and the whole Quantum National Laboratory has just appeared online.

Our paper on the Shiba states got the best publication prize at the University.

We had a great group excursion with a via ferrata and a hike in the Bükk mountains.

Our work together with the EHTZ group on the pressure tuning of the bands of twisted double bilayer graphene appeared in Nano Letters.

Our work showing the increase of spin orbit coupling in Gr/WSe2 heterostructures has appeared in NPJ 2D materials.