Our newest work , investigating the quantum transport properties of Ta memristors appeared in ACS Appl. Nano Materials.

The juree has granted the proposal entitled "Investigation, tailoring and application of noise in nanoelectronics devices".

Our work in WSe2 - bilayer graphene - WSe2 structures, showing a robust gapped state with pressure appeared in Nano Letters.

Interview with the Momentum research group leader Szabolcs Csonka published at the news portal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Gergő Fehérvári and Martin Berke won first prize on the national research competition. Congratulations!

Our recent ERC Consolidator Grant has received nationwide media coverage in various Hungarian news outlets.

Our new results on gate-driven out-of-equilibrium euperconductivity in Ta/InAs nanowires has appeared ACS Nano.

Our magnetotransport measurements characterizing the bandstructure of ZrTe5 has been published in PRB.