Quantum Electronics group


The Quantum Electronics lab of the Budapest University of Technology  and EK MFA explores and engineers nanocircuits operating in the Quantum regime. We use novel materials with low dimensionality for these devices: 1D semiconducting nanowires and 2D van der Waals heterostructures assembled for individual layers of 2D materials. Based on these material systems we engineer hybrid nanoelectronic devices using superconducting, ferromagnetic or simple normal electrodes. The nanodevices exhibit novel, correlated or topological effects, like Cooper pair splitting, Kondo effect, Andreev bound states, special quantum Hall effects, Majorana bound states or special spin-orbit states. We also investigate novel materials for spintronics and correlated states in twisted 2d structures. We characterize these states using transport measurements down to the mK regime and in magnetic fields up to 17T.